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Every autumn France hosts a weekend of heritage days - and this year they take place on 21st and 22nd September. Nationally there are concerts, talks, guided visits and properties exceptionally opened to the public. If you are holidaying here, house hunting or live here it is a rare opportunity to find out a little more about the area you are in. There is an excellent guide to 2019's event is you follow this link: https://www.journees-du-patrimoine.com  which lists what is open by department and then commune.


The images shown are the Queen's garden in Montpellier and the facade of Bazas cathedral (in the Gironde) where there is going to be a night time promenade and opportunities to discover more about this beautiful little medieval city. 





The yellow flowers you will see popping up in dry sunny spots across France are not crocuses but are members of the daffodil family. They are called stenbergias, or, to be exact Stenbergia lutea – or the winter daffodil. Really easy to propagate by dividing clumps of bulbs when they get a bit crowded they are a cheerful addition to your French garden and add a bit of extra zing to the autumn colour scheme.


Sedum loves a dry, gravelly situation and you can propagate it easily

Other things which look great at the moment are Hylotelephium spectabile (most of us know them as Sedums; they were re-named botanically a few years ago). Like stenbergia, if you can find a spot they love (usually dry and sunny) they thrive and can easily be propagated by dividing the plants in the spring or even simply by poking a stem into the ground and making sure it gets a bit of water while it is establishing.


Gaura - next to the David Austin rose "Strawberry Hill" - which does well in SW France


Then you have beautiful white Gaura lindheimerai – the flowers floating like butterflies above stems which are rapidly turning autumnal red, and gorgeous grasses – such as Stipa gigantea or Miscanthus malepartus. Add the fabulous flask shaped rose hips of Rosa moysii (the one in the photograph is Highdownensis, but my favourite is Geranium) and the stark exploding firework heads of dried Allium schubertii and that is a fabulous collection for the dry autumn garden.


Stipa gigantea - the seedheads will remain intact all winter


Finally – in a shady corner under some trees, plant corms of Cyclamen hederifolium. The little flowers appear from August through the autumn followed by marbled green and white leaves in the winter.


If you are looking to buy or sell a property in France, one of your considerations should be how you’re going to transfer your currency, as the difference in exchange rates can really make all the difference to the amount this will actually cost you. Some buyers and vendors automatically assume that using their bank is the easiest and cheapest way of doing this, however this often isn’t the case.


Foreign Currency Direct transacts in excess of half a billion Pounds per year and as such this gives far more buying power than an individual would have when purchasing currency. In addition to the savings that you could achieve on your currency exchange, our service is extremely personal and you will have one point of contact here throughout your dealings with us. Your account manager will take the time to get to know about your plans, and use their expert market knowledge to keep you up to speed with exchange rate fluctuations so that you can make an informed decision when to perform your transaction. Our traders have been with us on average for over 8 years, and you can use their vast experience to help you navigate the French buying and selling process, whilst helping you best time your currency exchange.


Not only are we able to offer extremely competitive rates of exchange when compared to the high street banks, but we also understand the nuances of the French property market. Having helped thousands of clients to buy and sell properties in France, we are perfectly positioned to organise the transfer of your currency. We can also send payments directly to your Notaire for your property purchase, or funds can be sent directly from a Notaire to our French Euro bank account following completion of a property sale, all to help you to avoid potential bank charges.


Foreign Currency Direct are authorised by the FCA as an Electronic Money Institution, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your money is being handled responsibly, held in segregated client accounts which are used to keep client funds and company funds completely separate.


We also offer a number of contract options designed to help you to capitalise on favourable exchange rates. A forward contract for example allows you to purchase currency in advance, so that if the exchange rate falls you are safe in the knowledge that your currency is already secured.  This can remove the risk of market volatility which could impact your return significantly, while you wait for your property completion.


If you would like more information on how we can assist with a future property purchase or sale, or if you have regular smaller transfers to make, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. My name is Amelia Spencer and I can be reached by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively feel free to give me a call on 0044 (0) 1494 787484.


The pound continues to remain under pressure and has begun the month of July close to the lowest levels to buy Euros in almost 3 months, with the Interbank level hitting 1.128 on 2ndJuly. The EU Summit which took place at the end of last week caused the Euro to strengthen against the Pound and US Dollar, amongst a host of other major currencies. This Euro strength was put down to many EU members edging much closer to agreeing on how best to deal with the current migrant crisis.


UK economic data has been relatively poor of late, with GDP (Gross Domestic Product, a key barometer of economic Growth) figures being released at just 0.2% last month. To put this into context, the Growth rate in the US is currently at 2.2%.



There was, however, some respite for the Pound in June when one more member of the Monetary Policy Committee than at the previous meeting voted in favour of a hike in Interest Rates. The currency markets reacted positively to this news, as although rates were left unchanged at 0.5%, this sparked further speculation that a rate hike could be seen in the near future - potentially at the Bank of England’s next meeting in August.



However the main topic keeping Sterling’s value pinned down is Brexit. Discussions haven’t really made any progress for some time, when it had been hoped that this would be a priority discussion point at the EU Summit. Teresa May is expected  to release a White Paper during a cabinet meeting on Friday 6thJuly at Chequers, which could be make or break for both Brexit and also her leadership. Mrs May has had a constant struggle recently in trying to get her party to agree to key issues, and a divide has been growing for some time between those who want a hard Brexit, and those who are pushing for a soft Brexit. If Friday’s discussions don’t go to plan, a vote of no confidence could potentially put her leadership in jeopardy, and would almost certainly be Sterling negative if this were to happen.


If you are looking to purchase a French property, our team of expert Traders are perfectly positioned to help you navigate the French buying process, whilst helping you to achieve as many Euros for your Pounds as possible. As there is usually a two to three month period between having an offer accepted and actually completing on a purchase, getting in touch with us as early as possible to find out more about the options available to you, could save you thousands. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly on 01494 787484, or email me atThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you would like to find out more information.

David Morley describes his move to France over 10 years ago


Planning retirement in our early 60s, we were looking for a substantial family home, somewhere in a truly ‘fun’ part of France. We quickly discovered that the Provence, made famous by Peter Mayle’s books, was sadly no longer what it was and, after further research, we thought that it was the South West of France that now had so much more to offer.

We needed a strategic location with easy access to international airports and high-speed trains and road routes. We wanted a peaceful setting that was private but not remote, somewhere close to outdoor opportunities and cultural facilities into which we could dive for inspiration! The Aveyron Gorge seemed to fit the bill so off we headed for a look.


Right at the point where the mighty River Aveyron enters its beautiful limestone gorge, we found the charming village of Bruniquel, described as being one of the finest in France.  Two chateaux perch precipitously above the river valley dominating the village’s medieval cobbled streets providing mystery and intrigue. Beneath them lies a cavern concealing the oldest evidence of Neanderthal man dating back some 175,500 years!

Nearby an ancient, stone-built presbytery in a delightful calm country setting was seen to have huge potential, a euphemism for its demanding complete and immediate restoration! Here it was that our adventure started over ten years ago. All around us there was so much going on and we quickly made many English and French speaking friends, all the more amazing since I spoke almost no French at all when first we arrived!


Now restored and resplendent, this fine property is for sale and with it comes a lovely lifestyle and much potential (if such were to be desired!).



Read more about David's beautiful house, La Verrouille, here:

La Verrouille


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