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David Morley describes his move to France over 10 years ago


Planning retirement in our early 60s, we were looking for a substantial family home, somewhere in a truly ‘fun’ part of France. We quickly discovered that the Provence, made famous by Peter Mayle’s books, was sadly no longer what it was and, after further research, we thought that it was the South West of France that now had so much more to offer.

We needed a strategic location with easy access to international airports and high-speed trains and road routes. We wanted a peaceful setting that was private but not remote, somewhere close to outdoor opportunities and cultural facilities into which we could dive for inspiration! The Aveyron Gorge seemed to fit the bill so off we headed for a look.


Right at the point where the mighty River Aveyron enters its beautiful limestone gorge, we found the charming village of Bruniquel, described as being one of the finest in France.  Two chateaux perch precipitously above the river valley dominating the village’s medieval cobbled streets providing mystery and intrigue. Beneath them lies a cavern concealing the oldest evidence of Neanderthal man dating back some 175,500 years!

Nearby an ancient, stone-built presbytery in a delightful calm country setting was seen to have huge potential, a euphemism for its demanding complete and immediate restoration! Here it was that our adventure started over ten years ago. All around us there was so much going on and we quickly made many English and French speaking friends, all the more amazing since I spoke almost no French at all when first we arrived!


Now restored and resplendent, this fine property is for sale and with it comes a lovely lifestyle and much potential (if such were to be desired!).



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