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Our terms and conditions are:

We are an advertising site only and are not estate agents. Because of this we do not have the legal obligations of an estate agent and cannot perform the functions of an estate agent. We publish information which is provided by sellers and for which sellers are wholly responsible. We do not take commission on any sales they may achieve as a result. We publish information on our own sites and third party sites such as other internet portals and social networking sites. We can also, from time to time, publish information via the printed and spoken media and at exhibitions.

Anyone advertising a property with us (‘the seller’) warrants that they are either the legal owner(s) of the property they are advertising or that they are legally qualified to represent the legal owner(s) and that they have the right to sell the property. They also warrant that they are over 18 years of age and that there is no legal impediment to them agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The seller is responsible for ensuring that the content of any material they give us is accurate, legally compliant and does not misrepresent the property they are selling in any way. The seller also confirms that they are legally entitled to use any of the documents or materials such as, for example, photographs, which they provide us with. By submitting advertising material to us, sellers are deemed to give us permission to use it on our own web site and with third party publishers, and to indemnify us against any losses or damages we may suffer as a result of it being published.

We reserve the right to amend, modify or suspend any advert which we, at our sole discretion, believe to be misleading, illegal or offensive. We are not obliged to notify the seller if we have done so, although our intention would be to do so.

We will publish sellers’ adverts on our website and with agreed third party publishers as soon as we can after we have received full payment. The adverts will remain active until the seller instructs us in writing (by letter or e-mail) to remove it or ceases paying for its publication. If the seller instructs us to remove a property from our web site or from third party publishers during a period which has been paid for in advance we cannot refund the balance. If a property is sold we will advertise it as sold for a short period after we have been informed of the sale.

We will pass on to sellers responses to their adverts, in as timely a manner as possible. We will endeavor to, but cannot guarantee to, screen responses for spam or malicious content. From that point onwards the seller is responsible for any further contact with the potential buyer and for any consequences which may result from that contact.

Our web site, data base and third party publishers: We cannot warrant the accuracy of information published on our web site or third party portals and cannot guarantee that our site or any pages linked to it are free of contaminants (viruses, Trojan horses etc) or that our service will never be interrupted.

We refuse permission for information which we publish on our site or via third party publishers to be used for the purposes of canvassing our advertisers and reserve the right to refuse to pass on to our advertisers information we deem to be of an offensive or inappropriate nature.

Any information which our sellers provide us with continues to be their property and, as such, cannot be copied from our site or from third party publishers without our sellers’ express permission.

We will adhere to the regulations contained within the Data Protection act 1998 when managing the information we collect and store about buyers and sellers. We never sell or give buyers’ and sellers’ personal or contact details to third party organisations. We will, however, use it ourselves to generate mail-shots and to send details of services or products which we may, from time to time, offer. If a buyer or seller does not want to receive this information from us they can elect not to do so at any time by informing us in writing or by e-mail.

Our framework terms and conditions are:
That we reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions at any time and without notification or notice.
We reserve the right to decide whether all or part of any advert is in violation of our terms and conditions, in which case we may, at our discretion, withdraw it from publication at once.
We are not liable to any party for any disruption or modification of all or part of our service, or for its termination.
These terms and conditions represent the entirety of our agreement with users of our services, to the extent that this is allowable in law.
Nothing in these terms and conditions curbs or affects the statutory rights of any users of our services.
Our terms and conditions are governed by English and Welsh law only.
French Properties Direct Limited and our service users agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English or Welsh courts in all matters relating to these terms and conditions.

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