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Today we have received a Brexit update from France Property Guide which we want to share. This is what they said:


If you are living in France before the UK formally leaves the EU by March 2019, then your right to live there permanently will be protected. That was the clear message from the EU as it outlined its negotiating position ahead of Brexit talks.

This week the European Union (EU) formally established its desire to guarantee the basic rights of British citizens living in the EU. So long as the UK agrees to protect the rights of EU citizens living in Britain, as Theresa May has repeatedly said she will, then we should be okay to continue looking to buy a home and live in France without the need for visas or other restrictions for the foreseeable future.

In its directive, the EU says that the rights and status of British citizens should be a key priority in all future negotiations because there are so many people affected by Brexit. It seems that citizens’ rights are right at the top of the agenda when it comes to general future discussions and the EU also states that the rights should be reciprocal between British people and citizens of the EU’s 27 other member states.

In particular they say that the status and rights from EU law at the time of Britain withdrawing from the EU (proposed for March 2019) should be protected, including rights to pensions and healthcare. They suggest that the rights should include residence in their adopted country including access to healthcare and social security plus education and training to be available just as it is for nationals.


While no deal between the UK and the EU will be a done deal until everything is finally signed and the ink is dry - which could be a very long time, it is good new to see that not only is the EU is putting citizens concerns at the top of the agenda, but also that they are suggesting that should you buy a house in France before the UK leaves the EU in March 2019 your rights to live in the EU will be permanently protected.

So come on buyers - now is the time to make the move. The sun is shining and French property is very attractively priced. Register with us and we will send you weekly details of new listings as well as any price reductions which have taken place. What are you waiting for?


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