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This autumn has seen a plunge in the pound as a result of the Brexit vote. If you are selling and you intend to relocate your funds to sterling, then it has been a window of opportunity through which to find a buyer for your French property.

Our existing clients are aware of the opportunity there has been this autumn as we drew their attention to it in our October vendor newsletter. We have, since then,  seen a significant increase in buyer activity because of the downward movement of the pound. Buyers of all nationalities recognise the opportunity and are targeting British sellers in their search for property in France. For example – a sales price of 300000€ achieved at the beginning of October would have translated to approximately £270,000 if you took the proceeds back to the UK. If you had sold on the day we voted to leave the EU – when the pound was much stronger – you would only have achieved around £231,000. That was a difference of £39,000.

Talk to us if you are thinking abut putting your house on the market or if you think you should be considering a price reduction. Everyone living in France who draws upon an income in Sterling is suffering from the immediate effects of the Brexit decision - but when it comes to selling your house the low pound could, in fact, be a bonus.


This gorgeous restored priory in the Lot department has been reduced to 785000€ because the owners will be returning to the UK when they sell.






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