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The AIPP is the Association of International Property Professionals. It is a non- governmental, not for profit association of international property professionals which was established to improve standards of professionalism in what is otherwise a largely unregulated industry. All members of the AIPP voluntarily subscribe to their code of conduct. Before being able to join French Properties Direct and our director, Sue, had to submit a CV and background information, provide evidence of sufficient experience within the industry and have reference checks.


We decided to join for several reasons. Firstly, we wanted to be able to offer our clients the best assurances we could as to the integrity and professionalism of the company. Secondly, the AIPP also provides valuable information to individuals who are buying and selling property internationally and we want to be able to provide a link to that information for our clients and thirdly membership does help us comply with the existing legal requirements of the industry.


Here is a quote from their website:


"Thousands of people are buying overseas property: for holidays, for living or for investment. The AIPP provides a set of standards for those companies selling international property and is working to ensure that the public understands what it means when they see the AIPP Member logo on company literature.

AIPP Members have voluntarily signed up to follow the AIPP Code of Conduct, a code established to help consumers by showing where they will find professional, accountable companies; it is an illustration of each Member’s commitment to high standards in their work.

Members must act with honesty, transparency and integrity in all the dealings with the public and with the industry."


Through the AIPP we have also subscribed to the Property Ombudsman service.


As association members we can add their logo to our website and publicity materials. You will find it at the top right of the website and by clicking on it you will be able to read more about the organisation.



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