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Welcome to French Properties Direct’s new web site and our new blog. The old blog, which you could access via blogger and from the orange ‘B’ at the top of the old web site’s home page is no more. Future blogs will be on the website and so will be much easier to access.


We upgraded our web site this month to make it responsive to mobile access – that is, easier to read if you are using a tablet or an i-phone. It has also given us the opportunity to make improvements to the web site’s functionality. I think Craig, who designed it and got it up and running, has done a really good job. And we hope that you find it easier to use, more responsive (obviously) and a little more contemporary in appearance.


Meanwhile the market continues to be active. Despite – or perhaps because of – the challenging events taking place around the world people continue to want to live in France, especially the rural backwaters where life is pretty much as it was a generation ago in the UK. The pound is continuing to strengthen [ 1.4258€ = £1 as I write this] and, as a rule, we continue to enjoy better weather – even though much of France experienced its first dusting of snow this week.


Warning of a white Christmas? Who knows!  Watch this space.....

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