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Another instalment from Catherine about the renovation of their glorious manoir in La Creuse


My family and I found ourselves living in Central France, in La Creuse - department 23, in a large Manoir/Chateau. We were located in the foothills of the Massif Central, which can be very rainy (thus making everything lush and be able to grow wonderful produce) but it can also be very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winters - a continental climate. It had taken more than 6 hours to drive down to this area from Calais (far more if you get lost around Paris!) and we didn’t know a lot about the region, other than what we had researched and seen on the internet.

La Creuse is a really beautiful area, very rural, with some large towns dotted about and some cultural history about the stone masons and the work they did in Paris and the region, mentioned in the last blog. The Limousin region is renowned for its Limousin cow; a hardy, generally healthy and adaptable animal that could be as old as the whole continent! Old cave drawings of approx. 20,000 years old, show cattle that look incredibly similar to the Limousin cows of today.  The Limousin cow is the original breed from which all other breeds are descended.......



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